About Us

JBS Development Solutions Ltd delivers a comprehensive range of property development management services in London and South East England.

Development Management

  • Appraisal and financial viability
  • Budget development and control
  • Project Feasibility and Concept design development
  • Planning Permission
  • Consultant Appointment and co-ordination
  • Marketing and Sales


  • Equity contribution
  • Senior Debt brokerage
  • Mezzanine
  • Joint venture

Development Opportunities 

  • Site search and acquisition

Project Management

  • Managing the production of the required deliverables
  • Planning and monitoring the project
  • Managing project administration and associated contractors
  • Overseeing and Contract award to contractors and suppliers
  • Managing project risks, including the development of contingency plans if necessary
  • Monitoring overall progress and use of resources, initiating corrective action where necessary
  • Reporting through agreed lines on project progress
  • Liaison with appointed project/client representatives to assure the overall direction and integrity of the project
  • Adopting and applying appropriate technical and quality strategies and standards
  • Identifying and obtaining support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the project
  • Conducting a project evaluation review to assess completion and budget compliance
  • After sales care and support

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